Who - Firm Introduction

Founded in 1983, Denver-based Roth Sheppard Architects is nationally recognized for its elegant, yet functional public safety architecture and highly innovative restaurant, retail and entertainment spaces. With more than 105 awards from the AIA, ASID, IIDA and other design associations, over the past 33 years Roth Sheppard has contributed to the planning and design of more than 60 law enforcement facilities, as well as 80 restaurants and high-end retail stores. In 2010 Roth Sheppard won the prestigious AIA Architecture Firm of the Year awards for both Denver and the State of Colorado, acknowledging the firms leadership role in design, mentoring, teaching and professional practice. 


We are curious designers who are rarely satisfied. We expect more, just as you should. We are passionate and committed to raising the level of design expectation. We immerse ourselves in the culture of our surroundings, in our communities, in education, and in everything around us.

We are leaders, not followers. We believe it is our responsibility to question ‘why’ and continually ask ‘why not’.

Design is a continuous process that evolves as we uncover influences and test potential solutions.  This layered process of discovery, testing, evaluation and  prioritization  leads to a response that benefits from the integration of art, science, technology and emotion. 

Innovation combined with function may resolve the physical requirements of the program, yet the larger goals of ‘inspiration’ and ‘value’ require the expertise of a team experienced in listening, questioning, researching, and imagining.


We immerse ourselves in your project and culture and make absolutely sure we understand  your entity, your goals, the context and what has and has not worked before we consider the future. Our goal is to work with you to ‘define the problem’ prior to solving it.

Our project team operates with an expectation of flawless execution. Our experienced staff of architects and designers, in combination with our refined in-house QA/QC process, allows us to execute solutions that are thoughtful, tested, and properly documented. Ultimately, great design is only as good as the smallest detail.

At Roth Sheppard Architects we utilize a highly collaborative approach to all projects. We feel that intensive involvement and input from the users and stakeholders results in the most successful projects. We will listen to all involved and regularly engage our qualified team, creating a network of expertise.