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From the Denverite: Urban Putt in the old Old Spaghetti Factory will feature smaller Red Rocks, li’l Blucifer and, yes, the streetcar

The historic building that once housed the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown will soon host an elaborate mini golf course, the second Urban Putt location in the nation. Founder Steve Fox says it will be just about perfect.

He was once the editor-in-chief of tech publications like PC World and CNET. He loved that work, but his enthusiasm began to wane as the business of journalism trudged through hard times. But he’d grown a passion for putt-putt over the years as he and his wife threw mini golf-themed parties. They’d ask people to bring custom holes, potluck style, into his house. They went so far as to cut holes in the walls and floors so balls could drop between rooms.

Fox said he never dreamed of making a business out of it until, one day, he just did.

“My staff thought I was insane,” he recalled. “Who just quits a job cold turkey to open a mini golf course?”

He wasn’t sure if the year-and-a-half his team spent constructing it or the million-dollar-or-so investment was worth it until his first Urban Putt opened in an old San Francisco mortuary in 2014.

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